CRMC 2019 Agenda

Keynote Speakers


Josh Linkner

Best-Selling Author and Columnist

Expedition: Disruption   With omni-channel retail in the midst of significant change and upheaval, we can no longer rely on the models of the past. Instead of running from disruption, Josh will help you embrace and lead it, to help you rise above the obstacles and seize your full potential.


Blake Morgan

Best-Selling Author and Customer Experience Futurist

The Future Belongs to Companies that Create Incredible Customer Experiences   Customers today don’t only expect personalized, zero friction, seamless retail experiences, they demand it. There is only one thing that matters: making the customer’s life easier and better. Learn how retail companies are preparing for the customer of the future with digital transformation.


Nicolas Thompson

Editor-In-Chief: Wired

The Wired Future: Nine crucial questions about how technology is changing retail   How will robots change the way that stores work? How will artificial intelligence change the jobs we do? And what will it even mean to be human in a generation or two? Join us and hear Nicholas address the forces of technology that are turning the world of Retail upside down and inside out.

Retail Brand Sessions to be Announced Soon

2018 Presenters

Keynote Speakers

Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Innovation Strategist
Founder of Thinque

Seamless: Combining Artificial Intelligence
& Human Intelligence to Re-design
Retail CX For the Future

David Eagleman

PBS Host The Brain
New York Times Bestselling Author

What Matters to the
Mind of the Retail Consumer

Brian Beitler

Chairman of the Executive Board,
GRMA C-Suite Forum
Chief Marketing Officer
eCommerce Leader

The Power & Importance
of Purposeful Marketing


Julie Roy


Data-driven Loyalty Marketing Builds a Shoe Habit

Kate O’Shaughnessy Jung

Tony Zubek


How to Evolve your Brand and Accelerate your Loyalty Program

Jessica White


How Man and Machine Can Work Together to Deliver on the Primordial Promise of CRM

Danelle Williams

Jon Wardman

Hilton Worldwide

Why and How to Future-Proof Your Loyalty Program

Geert Crooijmans

Hudson’s Bay Netherlands

Innovative Approach to Customer Loyalty via Exclusive Privileges and Personal Assistance

Ruth Crowley

Lowe’s Home Improvement

What Does it all Mean? How to Design the Brand Experience for your Customer

Tiziano Cembali


The Journey from Traditional 1-to-1 to Digital 1-to-1

Scott Emmons

Neiman Marcus

Essentials for CX Excellence: Engagement at 7 Lifecycle Points

Kent Zimmerman

Shoe Carnival

If the Audience Fits, So Will the Shoe

Lisa Erickson

Sleep Number

How Sleep Number Drives Customer Advocacy Through an Engagement-Based Loyalty Program

Jonathan Clarkson

Southwest Airlines

Driving Customer Loyalty

Shawn Sweeney


Customers Get Loyal When You Get Personal - How Starbucks Continues to Grow Through its Digital Experiences

Jon Kubo


Beyond the "Cool Factor" - How Tillys Uses Mobile and AR to Enhance the In-Store Experience

Sunanda Parthasarathy, PhD


AI and Humans - Harness the Power of Two to Understand and Reach Your Customer Better

Marc Kielburger


Charity + Loyalty

Rachel Waldstein

Danielle Leveille

Wolverine Woldwide

How Data Can Create Impactful Customer Experiences

Dave Sims


Debra Coomer


Steve Kassnel

Blain Supply

Panel: Customer Experience is the New Driver for Loyalty


David Garibaldi

Garibaldi Arts

Passion + Purpose


Craig Wood

Founder & Chief Collaborator
The Collaboratory

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