advisory board

board chairs

Craig Wood

Chief Executive Officer

Devon Wylie

Chief Executive Officer

esteemed board members

Carrie Trotter

Vice President, Loyalty, CRM & Partnerships

Chad Nikola

Senior Director, Customer Retention

Allie Ferguson

Head of Customer Loyalty

Ian Dewar

Senior Director, Customer Strategy

Marcus Hill

Senior Manager, Customer Insights Unit

Amy Nelson

Vice President, CRM & Loyalty

Danielle Futrell

Executive Director, Integrated Planning & Marketing Strategy

Alexis Flores

Director, Loyalty & CRM

Jason Scoggins

Senior Director, Loyalty & CRM

Leslie Jurgens-Smithers

Vice President, Marketing

Zachary Burgeson

Vice President, Marketing

Brigitte Barron

Director, Global CRM & Customer Growth

Bryan Yuris

Vice President, Performance Marketing

Jenna R. O'Connor

Sr. Director, Loyalty Marketing

Kerrie Adams

Vice President, Marketing Analytics

Carol Mcintyre


Josh Blacksmith

Senior Director - Global Consumer Relationships and Engagement

Lyndsie Adams

Vice President, CRM & Loyalty

Paulo Claussen

Senior Director, Loyalty

Jesse Blount

Vice President, CRM & Consumer Insights

Thomas Kuypers

Senior Vice President of Marketing & Advertising

Dave Sims

Chief Marketing & Sales Officer

Richard Long

Senior Manager, Next Gen DTC Connections & Innovation – Global Loyalty Strategy

Lisa Erickson

Senior Director, CRM & Loyalty

Robin Ruttle

Senior Director, Loyalty & Partnerships

Wade Lee Jones

Global Director, CRM Marketing

Kimberley Brennan

Senior Director, CRM & Lifecycle Marketing

Kelly Mahoney

Vice President, Customer Marketing

Cathy Miller

Exec. Vice President Sales & Marketing