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Erica Dhawan

Sam Rad

Sylvie Di Giusto


Aaron Dauphinee
Wise Marketer

Echoing others comments, congrats to the CRMC team for curating another highly successful event!

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Brigitte Barron
e.l.f. Beauty

CRMC is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded teams across different industries and swap ideas, challenges, and solutions. The sessions are always phenomenal, and you can count on the speakers at CRMC to share valuable data and insights.

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Jenna O'Connor

We greatly enjoyed our time at CRMC 2023 and the opportunity to share and learn, among our peers in the industry. The conference was chock-full of amazing brands, case studies and best-in-class service providers. My team and I are counting down the days to CRMC 2024!

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Katie Harrington

I enjoyed meeting more members of the loyalty space and expanding my network.

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