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Erica Dhawan

Sam Rad

Sylvie Di Giusto


Alexis Flores
Checkers & Rally's

As a long time attendee – it feels like CRMC Camp! So many familiar faces and people to network with. The presenters and content shared is valuable and I always leave with new ideas to implement. It’s refreshing to spend 3 days with like-minded partners and industry peers.

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Aly Blawat
Blain's Farm & Fleet

CRMC is a wonderful event! So much experience to learn from, dig into & discuss. In a great location with options for food and entertainment! Engaging content and a big crowd. I enjoyed all the presentations, and that we could rotate from the large room to the smaller rooms. Very interactive and allowed for us all to network.

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Austin Orts
Dunham’s Sports

CRMC was fantastic! Thank you for the opportunity to attend and network with such intelligent minds of the industry. Thank you for a phenomenal time and I look forward to 2024!

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Jordan Wesley

The friendships and memories that we make at CRMC are remarkable and something that we all cherish greatly. We will, of course, be back next year.

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