Lounge Discussions

When do Lounge Discussions take place?

This session will take place from 11:15am–12:50pm on Thursday, June 9th. 

How many Lounge Discussions can we host?

Sponsors will host two in-depth discussions twice for 20 minutes each. 

Where will the Lounge Discussions take place?

These discussions will take place at the exhibits. 

Can we play slides on the Lounge screen?

Yes, you may play slides that can be controlled with your laptop connected to your 42” Lounge screen via HDMI; cable provided by CRMC. Please note, in order for slides to properly play on the Lounge screen, you will need to turn off “sleep mode” on your laptop and rotate your screen orientation to 90 degrees, or a vertical page layout. Please design slides in 1080 x 1920, portrait-oriented format and are due on 5/17/2022. 

How will the on-site sponsor reps know who is attending our discussion?

A preliminary list of RSVPs will be emailed by 6/1/2022, with the final list (including emails) sent on 6/5/2022. The live list will also be accessible on the NetworkTables platform in May. Plan to assign 1-2 Representatives for this session.