What are the deadlines to submit conference deliverables?

Please reference the deliverable schedule below.


11/9/2022 Preliminary BtoC Client Presentation proposal (optional)

12/7/2022 Company Logo – Format: Vector (.ai, .eps, PDF)

12/7/2022 Company Description – 100-200 words for website, registration form, showbook, and mobile app

12/7/2022 Large or Small Newsletter Banner Ad – (72 dpi, formats: JPG, GIF or PNG)

Large Banner Ad: 1300w x 574h (Diamond/Emerald/Sapphire/Platinum)

Small Banner Ad: 687w x 260h (Gold/Silver)

1/26/2023 Lounge Discussions Topics – Diamond/Emerald/Sapphire/Platinum: One, 7-10 word topic


2/9/2023 Luncheon Table Topic – 7-10 words

2/9/2023 Roundtable Topic – 7-10 words

2/9/2023 Workshop Topic – 50-75 word abstract, speakers, hi-res headshots


4/6/2022 Event Showbook Ad

Diamond/Emerald/Sapphire/Platinum Sponsors: 7.5” wide x 9.75” tall (includes .125” bleed)

Gold/Silver Sponsors: 7.5” wide x 4.935” tall (includes .125” bleed)

4/20/2023 Lounges/Kiosks – Final MP4 file for exhibit monitors

5/4/2023 Hotel Rate Cutoff – $289/night no longer available; rooms may sell out prior to this date

5/11/2023 Raffle/Giveaway – Optional gift item for end of show Giveaway; Minimum value $350

5/11/2023 Lounge Discussions – PPT slideshow (optional)

5/11/2023 Company PDF (via attendee email) – One page, one-sided, 8.5w x 11h, less than 1MB If you would like us to share your printed PDF at the Registration Desk, please send 50 copies to the hotel via shipping instructions.

5/18/2023 Sponsor Evening Events PDF

5/25/2023 Attending Sponsor Representatives – Must be registered by this date or incur $250 fee

6/1/2023 Attending BtoC Clients/Prospects – Must be registered by this date

How do I submit sponsor deliverables?

The CRMC CP enables Sponsors to upload and manage files, send registration invitations to Guests/Reps, access useful Sponsor files, and more in one place. Please visit to view your Sponsor page. Log-in credentials has been sent via private email. If you need your login credentials, please email