Client Case Study

Can my company present on-stage with a B2C client?

Yes, all full level sponsors (Diamond, Emerald Sapphire, Platinum, Gold, Silver) are invited to submit a presentation proposal for CRMC 2023. 

How do I submit a Presentation Proposal?

Preliminary proposals may include any ideas, potential clients, or topics and will be kept confidential should be sent to Devon Wylie ( The earlier we begin a discussion, the better the chance of fitting into the Agenda. Final Proposals are due 1/12/2023 and must include client name/title, session title & abstract, and hi-res speaker headshots for inclusion in the Agenda.

What themes does the Case Study need to cover?

The theme of this year’s CRMC is INSPIRATION AND INFLUENCE, with a sub-theme of DIVERSITY.

In keeping with the theme, we ask that Brand Presenters touch on one or more of the following:

1. How your Company Inspires Customers through Brand Proposition, Purpose, and Design

2. How your Company Influences Trends, Customer Behavior, Shopping Habits, and Loyalty

3. How Diversity and Inclusion play a part in your Marketing Strategies

When are the deliverables due for the Client Case Study?

Deliverable Schedule

11/9/2023 Preliminary Proposal (optional)

1/12/2023 Final Proposals (required)

1/26/2023 Session Title & Abstract, Speakers and Headshots

4 /10/2023 Speaker Form & Preliminary Deck/Script for Review

5/18/2023 Final Presentation for Show Computers

Can I purchase a recording of the presentation?

Yes, video recordings with light editing from Sponsor/Client co-presentations must be ordered pre-show. Details will be included on the Speaker Guide. Alternatively, send your requests to The cost is $975.