How Clean Data Powers One-to-One Customer Relationships for Lovesac

In episode 208 of Total Retail Talks, Executive Editor Joe Keenan interviews Susan Beckett, vice president, digital, direct and e-commerce at Lovesac, a furniture retailer known for creating bean bag chairs and adaptable couches. Beckett discusses the origins of Lovesac, from its first showroom location in Utah to its continued efforts to create seamless experiences for customers shopping both in-store and online. Lovesac faced a challenge in organizing disparate data across multiple technology systems, and Beckett shares how the retailer created a data warehouse to power its CRM system and provide a single view of the customer. She details how clean data enables Lovesac to develop one-to-one relationships with customers, as well as the company's plans for improving digital and direct marketing efforts in the future. This episode was recorded live at CRMC 2019 in Chicago.