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Unicorn Frappuccino fail and the year of crazy bad jeans: Starbucks’ own baristas stirred up bad reviews for the rainbow drink, while Levi’s bares all with its new “bare-butt” jeans.

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Starbucks nearly broke Instagram (and the souls of baristas everywhere) with its limited-edition Unicorn Frappuccino, Levi’s invented “bare butt jeans” — no joke — and French luxury fashion house Balenciaga’s new tote bag looks a lot like Ikea’s reusable bags. This, and more, in this week’s Retail Therapy.

A fantastical new world of high-tech, high-concept stores is here

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Nobody knows what the future holds, but that has never stopped anyone trying to predict it. Exactly what stores should look like and what they should offer customers, though, is still an open question. The race is on to design the store of the future, with brands investing in innovation labs and putting forth bold […]

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