Phil Terry


Customers Included

Phil Terry, CEO of Collaborative Gain, will present topics from his new book, “Customers Included???, which is based on working with more than 300 startups and large brands from the early days of the web through the recent changes in mobile and social computing. A pioneer in both customer experience and digital business, Phil debunks the conventional wisdom about “customer-centric” business suggesting instead a simpler and more holistic approach for including customer insights in key decision-making.
Phil begins his talk with an interactive exercise that challenges the audience to think and see in new ways, then walks the audience through a number of well-known and untold stories from businesses like Apple and Netflix and concludes his talk as he does in his book by pointing out the most critical thing he learned in 15years that almost no one understands or talks about – but, if implemented, changes everything.

Phil is the Founder and CEO of Collaborative Gain, Inc. and runs The Councils, a collaborative network of senior digital leaders, which he began in 2002 with Marissa Mayer and others. Phil has written about collaboration and the power of asking for help in the Harvard Business Review and recently published a book, “Customers Included???, about learning from and collaborating with customers. With the Councils, Phil has developed a community of hundreds of senior leaders who help each other run better, more innovative, more customer-inclusive companies. Member companies range from Apple to Walmart, from Bank of America to Wells Fargo, from startups like Squarespace to industry leaders like Google. Phil is on the advisory board of the Harvard Business School Rock Center for Entrepreneurship and the University of Southern California’s Institute for Innovation. He also advises startups including StellaService and others. Phil began his career at Moody’s Investors Service and McKinsey & Co.

In his spare time he founded and runs two innovative nonprofits that are creating collaborative communities in art and literature – Slow Art Day and Reading Odyssey. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn.