Erik Medina


Centennials are Coming! Centennials are Coming! Who They Are and How They Will Impact Retail

Join Erik Medina, VP, The Futures Company and the TRU Youth MONITOR, as he takes you on an all-new multimedia journey below the surface of today’s young people, uncovering invaluable insights into the ways they think and behave, what they value and perceive, and how their current mindsets impact their decision-making today and in the future.

But in talking about “youth???, it’s time to face facts: “Millennial??? is no longer synonymous with “youth???—the oldest of the generation are in their mid-30s now, and the youngest are past high school. If you’re a retailer focused on teens, or the consumers who are driving youth trends, it’s time to look beyond Millennials to the next generation—a group we call Centennials.

Born from 1997 to Present, Centennials are notably different from Millennials, and many of those differences are manifesting in their engagement with shopping and brands. In this session, we’ll explore:

  • How Centennial mindset manifests along the buying journey.
  • How these young peoples’ relationships to and with retail changed given both their mindsets and broader trends in their behaviors.
  • What the future of retail will look like given the increased C2C and omni-channel efforts in the marketplace today.

So, get ready to: Dive deep. Challenge your thinking. Learn the latest trends. You’ll get smarter with the TRU Youth MONITOR, the most in-depth, in-the-know, in-demand youth syndicated offering on the planet.

As Vice President of TRU Youth MONITOR subscription services, Erik’s chief role is to build marketing and product strategies that bring The Futures Company’s unparalleled expertise among teens and young adults to companies and brands in order that they better understand and connect with young consumers. Erik has oversight for the TRU Youth MONITOR Study—the key tracking and segmentation study relied on by more than 100 of the world’s leading youth-oriented brands and the TRU Youth MONITOR Presentation – a thought-leadership showpiece that brings Millennials to life and enables deeper understanding of this segment. Erik received his B.A. in Communication from Michigan State University and earned his MBA in Marketing from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.