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CRMC 2017 Agenda at a glance

CRMC 2017 Agenda

10:00am – 5:00pmRegistration:
Registration Desk
8th Street North – First Floor
11:30am – 1:30pmWorkshops:Boulevard Rooms – Third Floor
Epsilon: How Sally Beauty is Staying Ahead of the Curve with Sally Beauty RewardsBoulevard A
Customer loyalty is evolving and effective loyalty programs today require marketers to connect with consumers across online and offline touchpoints. Sally Beauty realized they needed to evolve their brand alongside this is new paradigm, which is why they revamped and revitalized their loyalty program, Sally Beauty Rewards, to give customers a reason to shop with them. Attendees will hear from Sally Beauty, Epsilon and Conversant about strategy behind shifting tactics, why personalized offers, attainable rewards and increased benefits encourage members to shop. Attendees will learn how Sally Beauty is leveraging loyalty to unlock personalized marketing and leave with actionable advice on how to reach customers through integrated, omnichannel marketing across direct mail, email, digital, mobile and in-store.
VeraCentra: Achieving Customer Engagement Agility in a Real-time WorldBoulevard B
As customer expectation for personalized engagement intensifies, the gap in business ability to deliver gets wider. Our customers interact in real time across different channels using all types of devices. Yet many companies lack enough agility to react and engage. The pace of change is accelerating and brands need to change … or risk being left behind. Emerging technologies are rushing in to fill the gap by providing cross channel execution capabilities complete with single customer views, embedded machine analytics, and automated multi-channel execution. But sifting through the complex technology landscape can be daunting. During this interactive workshop, you will define your customer expectations and assess your company’s ability to deliver on them. We’ll discuss the types of technology solutions available today, so you can define what you need to fill your gaps. And because technology alone won’t get you where you need to be, you’ll identify the action steps needed to reshape your marketing team to leverage new technology tools. Add to your learning, great ideas for quick win programs and fast ROI on your technology investments. You’ll walk away with a clear picture of critical capabilities missing from your marketing eco-system and a plan of action to fill the gaps. All directed toward meeting your customer’s expectation for personalized engagement.
Bond Brand Loyalty WorkshopBoulevard C
1:00pm – 2:00pmMentor Program/Luncheon: For our newly attending Retailers. Luncheon attendees will be assigned a Mentor from our esteemed Retail Advisory Board. The Luncheon will serve as an introduction to the CRMC event, and to help you become acclimated and make the most of your time at the show.
General Session Grand Ballroom
2:00pm – 2:10pmWelcome to CRMC 2017: Craig Wood, CRMC Host / Managing Director & Chief Engagement Office – 360 Live Media
2:10pm – 3:15pmDoug Stephens: Reengineering Retail: The Future of Selling in a Post-Digital World
Are we witnessing the death of retail or its incredible rebirth? Join acclaimed retail futurist Doug Stephens for an interactive tour of the future of retail. From online to bricks and mortar, the very concept of what stores are, how consumers shop them, and even the core economic model for revenue, will be will be profoundly reinvented; changes sure to affect not only retailers large and small but any business with a stake in the global retail industry. Drawing on research from his newly released book, ‘Reengineering Retail,’ Doug will share actionable strategies that will separate the winners and losers in the market and show you what smart are brands and retailers are doing today, to secure their place in the hearts and minds of tomorrow’s consumer.
3:15pm – 3:35pm<Refreshment Break:Sponsored by Merkle Inc.Grand Foyer & Normandie Lounge
3:35pm – 4:15pmULTA Beauty: The New Face of Loyalty: How Ulta Beauty is Leveraging Customer Data to Shift Away From Discounts
Join Eric as he will describe how the nation’s #1 specialty beauty retailer is helping their brand partners develop stronger, more loyal and profitable relationships with their customers by leveraging the data of their more than 20+ million Ultamate Rewards members. He will demonstrate how this beauty retailer has shifted away from discounts by using an “A to Z” approach for analyzing customer data, identifying engagement opportunities, developing and executing targeted promotional strategies, and measuring results via the longer-term change in customer behavior. Through this strategic approach, Ulta Beauty has not only been able to create tremendous upside for their business, but sizable benefits for their brand partners and customers alike.
4:15pm – 4:55pmLucky Brand Uses Advanced Segmentation and Analytics to Transform Relationship Marketing
Lucky Brand Jeans, one of the fastest growing organizations in the omni-channel retail space, is pioneering advanced techniques in segmentation and data analysis to spur a sustainable surge in revenue from their existing customer base. Learn how Timothy and his team are using actionable customer insights to acquire high value customers, accelerate customer growth, and intervene when customers begin to veer off their purchase cycle. Timothy will explain how he uses machine learning and advanced analytics to predict customer behavior, set up insights-driven campaigns, and measure incremental impact.
5:00pm – 6:30pmWelcome Reception: Sponsored by EpsilonGrand Foyer & Normandie Lounge
7:00pm – 10:00pmOff-Site Retailer Dinner: For our Retail attendees only. Over 150 Retailers attend the dinner, along with Representatives from our sponsor hosts. The evening promises to provide an opportunity to network with fellow retailers and enjoy good food and conversation. Transportation is provided from the hotel.
7:00am – 8:00amBreakfast: Sponsored by Kobie MarketingBoulevard Room
General SessionGrand Ballroom
8:00am – 8:15amStaying Ahead of the Curve
8:15am – 9:10amKate Ancketill: Disruptive Personalisation: The Technological Innovations Creating New Customer Relationships in Retail
Technology is creating new ways for brands to talk to their customers and fulfil their emotional and practical needs. Many are importing the latest developments from other categories and offering radical approaches to customization – what are the best ways to offer this to the market? And what innovations in this field lie just around the corner? Join this session to learn from Kate how best to utilize and implement these new technologies.
9:10am – 9:40ammaurices: How a Robust Loyalty Solution Improves the Customer Experience.
maurices overhauled their loyalty solution to be able to tie customers directly to the program to increase engagement, and also gave them the ability to track behavior over time. The program is now a major part of maurices marketing strategy and the program continues to expand functionality. Attend this session to learn how the program ties customers to maurices CRM solution, increases customer engagement, and how it provides the ability to utilize loyalty data in their cross-channel marketing efforts. Additionally, see how they expanded the program to include access via a loyalty portal on maurices.com, which improved the overall experience for maurices customers. Since the new solution launched, over 3.6 million maurices customers have earned points in the program. Active members earn an average of two loyalty certificates per month, showing strong engagement and a better customer experience. maurice’s loyalty program allows them to capture information customers give them and by leveraging it with purchase behavior to further personalize the experience at Maurices. See how maurice’s created value beyond the promotion.
9:40am – 10:00amRefreshment Break: Sponsored by Merkle Inc.Grand Foyer & Normandie Lounge
Concurrent SessionGrand Ballroom – Second Floor
10:00am – 10:30amUGG: Consumer Driven Business Objectives – Loyalty That Connects
Keeping up with customers in today’s hyper-connected world requires agility and foresight – consumers not only set the bar, they determine the pace. Winning is no longer driven by traditional competition, channel breadth or marketing funnels. Urgency prevails, expectations are high and consumers are savvy. Engaging the consumer now requires speed, personalization, and connected brand experiences. Using the new UGG Rewards program as a means to collect data and drive consumer behavior across channels, join us to hear how the UGG brand evolved their vision of loyalty and is now better positioned to innovate and implement new engagement strategies for existing and prospective consumers, as well as pinpoint the next curve in the UGG customer journey.
10:30am – 11:00amBoscov’s: Winning in the Department Store Industry
In a time when online commerce is posing a threat to traditional department stores, iconic East-Coast retailer, Boscov’s Department Store, stands out as an exception. They are thriving with increased sales and growing accounts. Why is that? Two words: customer loyalty. Toni Miller, Senior Executive Vice President of Boscov’s, Inc., will share the value that has come from enhancing their loyalty and credit program, and the lessons learned along the way. At its core, Boscov’s is an organization that is steeped in the communities they serve, treats their customers like friends, and understands both are at the center of everything they do. Toni will discuss how Boscov’s leverages data-driven insights to understand their customer-friends and communities on a deeper level in this rapidly evolving marketplace. She will also dive into how Boscov’s scouts the best locations and utilizes in-store capabilities for better customer engagement. Join Toni as she walks through strategies and insights that will help you generate loyal, profitable customer relationships that last.
11:00am – 11:30pmMonro Muffler Brake: Next Generation Customer Engagement through Artificial Intelligence and New Advancements in Retail Marketing Technology
Given the automobile is the 2nd to 3rd largest investment one makes in their lifetime, the ongoing maintenance and care is critical to the longevity and ROI of their investment. However, the stress of unexpected car issues is emotionally charged and clouded by distrust and skepticism towards service providers, leading to lapses in car maintenance. Traditional forms of segmentation-based marketing don’t go far enough to aid the service technician in building the trust needed for a true, 1:1 relationship. This presentation will showcase how Monro has created a proprietary customer engagement platform that combines a comprehensive CRM strategy with artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver a next-generation customer-facing mobile application with real-time data to inform cross-channel communication. The proprietary AI component provides an advanced tool that learns – in real time – about the individual based on their activity. This allows Monro to effectively deliver an offer to the customer for exactly what they need. Monro’s customer centric strategy delivers functionality to store all vehicle service related details using MotoManager, the new vehicle maintenance app. Other key strategies include presenting relevant personalized content and easy to schedule service appointments, purchasing tires, smart offers, reminders, and surveys.
11:30am – 11:50amRefreshment Break: Sponsored by Merkle Inc.Grand Foyer & Normandie Lounge
11:50am – 12:20pmHollister: Leveraging Loyalty to Engage and Retain Gen Z Customers
In the last several years, specialty retail has not seen sufficient innovation in loyalty programs. Some retailers in this vertical have implemented private label credit card loyalty programs, while others have continued to build data through CRM platforms without being able to optimize and drive shopper behavior with the masses of data that have been collected. Through a multi-tender loyalty program, Hollister has been able to implement a program to appeal to a broad demographic audience, while offering a unique loyalty program that aligns with the interests of their target markets. The program limits the impact to the store operational model that loyalty programs can have, solves the customer identification challenge, and reduces attrition while providing customer value through recognition and rewards. Amy and Melissa will share how Hollister’s test of their loyalty and rewards program, Club Cali, has been successful in retaining shoppers and growing spend in 2016. Due to the success of this program, Hollister will be expediting the expansion of the pilot program system in January of 2017. Audience members will learn about the opportunity that A&F identified to grow share of wallet through this program, the challenges that needed to be overcome in order to be successful, the solutions that have been implemented and tested, and the approach that was taken in implementing against the goals, and the results, outcomes and key learnings for A&F providing industry best practices.
12:20pm – 12:50pmGiant Eagle: Renovating Legacy Loyalty for Rapid Renewal & Long-Term Growth
There’s a renaissance going on in grocery, and the only thing faster than high-frequency retail is the pace of change in this competitive sector. Navigating the new expectations of Amazon Go, new International low-priced arrivals and not-so-new National copycat competitive threats, Giant Eagle is reinventing its customer-loved fuelperks! program. Against a backdrop of many other Loyalty program claw-backs, dilutions and gambled CX fails, fuelperks+ is anteing up on customer love and doubling down on customer loyalty. Join Matt and Sean for a lesson in how to revolutionize high-frequency #retailoyalty for the long-run. An energetic Matt and Sean will outline how changing market dynamics and a strong focus on customer needs have been central to the redevelopment of new constructs, emerging models, and innovation – on Giant Eagle’s journey toward new loyalty across grocery, gas, c-store and more. You will learn how to assess program performance and build a plan that adapts to changing market conditions and customer needs, and how to plan for success and bringing partners, data, technology and the organization together to create a seamless customer journey. Pilot approaches, preliminary results and executional highlights of the program rollout across multiple retail formats, multiple banners and multiple markets will be shared, along with new data and insight sneak peeks from the leading global report on loyalty – The 2017 Loyalty Report™, US Edition.
Concurrent SessionContinental Ballroom – First Floor
10:00am – 10:30amSteve Madden: How We Empowered Our Marketing Team to Improve Customer Reach with Targeted Audiences
When marketing teams are tasked with acquiring, converting and re-engaging customers, the scope of responsibility can feel paralyzing. At Steve Madden in particular, in order to accomplish seemingly simple objectives, the team needed to overcome technological blockers and organizational silos to get programs off the ground. This made making any significant impact on the digital business very difficult. In an effort to give their marketing team the ability to produce effective digital programs quickly and without IT resources, Mark and his team sought new technology that would allow the team to take immediate action on sophisticated, retail-specific data insights. Taking the combined power of the customer behavioral data and catalog dynamics at their fingertips, the team instantly surfaced a variety of audiences that not only answered very important questions about their customers (“Who are my most valuable customers?”, Who else might be interested in this product?”, “Who are my discount-buyers?”), but enabled them to communicate those customers in the channels of their choosing in real-time with relevant messaging. Attend this session to learn about their journey.
10:30am – 11:00amPier 1 imports: Keeping Customers in the Center to Engender Loyalty
Disruption is the new normal and retailers must get comfortable with being uncomfortable if they want to drive growth in the era of digital transformation. As channels continue to converge the internet has become a catalog of ideas and engaged connections leaving consumers with fleeting attention spans, information overload and with a desire for more personalized experiences. To succeed retailers must put customers in the center and focus on programs that will not only shape their future guest experience but create deeper connections and engender loyalty. Join Pier 1 Imports as they discuss how they are focusing on CRM, loyalty and store-credit to drive business growth while also implementing innovative approaches centered on cognition, connection and immersion to create new levels of brand engagement.
11:00am – 11:30amTrue Value: From Stores to Desktop to Mobile: True Value’s Loyalty Evolution
Between trying to combat showrooming, competing with online mega-stores and attempting to satisfy tech-savvy, bargain-hunting consumers, current retailers have the difficult task of building customer loyalty in a diverse retail landscape. But it’s not impossible… with over 5 million members across nearly 1000 participating stores nationwide, True Value continues to demonstrate the benefits of an effective loyalty program and the use of customer data in a unique co-op environment. Join True Value as the company outlines their journey from a successful in-store rewards program to a growing omni-channel retailer. With the help of loyalty provider Comarch, True Value will also detail how omni-channel experiences have helped grow their customer loyalty, including the launch of the True Value mobile application in the beginning of 2017.
11:30am – 11:50amRefreshment Break: Merkle Inc.Grand Foyer & Normandie Lounge
11:50am – 12:20pmJCPenney: Evolving Your Rewards Program through Differentiated Experiences
Like customers’ shopping behaviors, the JCPenney Rewards has been evolving since its introduction in 2008. In the past, the program made trade-offs between managing costs and optimizing the customer experience. Sherina will talk about the JCPenney journey to rebuild a best in class loyalty program, drive credit sales penetration and right size loyalty program economics. She’ll share how JCPenney listened to their customers, canvased other industries for learnings and dug into their data, ultimately launching four pilot programs across different earning models. Want to know which one is the winner? You must join us to hear key learnings from the pilots and where the program is headed.
12:20pm – 12:50pmALDO Group: The Journey to Drive Deeper Customer Engagement
As retailers worldwide strive to find better ways to understand and engage their customers, many are beginning to use email receipts to increase their data capture while also improving the customer experience. ALDO Group has turned an ordinary transaction record into an offline conversion opportunity. In this session, Ian and Tomas will discuss how highly customizable and dynamic email receipts can help better engage customer post purchase. Hear how you can turn simple purchase confirmation emails into a brand new marketing medium that continues the dialogue across the customer lifecycle.
END Concurrent Session
12:50pm – 1:50pmLuncheon:Sponsored by CrowdTwistWilliford Room
1:50pm – 3:20pmSpeed Dating with Sponsors (exhibits open during Speed Dating session)Continental Ballroom
3:30pm – 3:50pmRefreshment Break: Sponsored by Merkle Inc.Grand Foyer & Normandie Lounge
General SessionGrand Ballroom
3:50pm – 4:05pmFred Newell Memorial: A quick look back at the Father of Database Marketing and the founder of the CRMC.
4:05pm – 5:00pmThe Passing Zone: Jon Wee and Owen Morse, Comedy-Juggling Duo Take Their Performance to New Heights
One of the most inventive, successful, and funny duos working today. The Duo has been featured on The Tonight Show, America’s Got Talent, the Today Show and more. Be prepare to be amazed, as you get to know Jon and Owen, and the things they do. It’s not magic. It’s juggling. But you won’t believe your eyes!
5:00pm – 6:30pmNetworking Reception: Sponsored by Yes Lifecycle MarketingGrand Foyer & Normandie Lounge
7:30am – 8:30amBreakfast: Sponsored by Kobie MarketingBoulevard Room
General SessionGrand Ballroom
8:30am – 9:15amTBD
9:15am – 9:40amPLAE: Why Today’s Retail Brands Need to Really Talk to Their Customers
Every brand dreams of generating positive conversation and creating a brand so engaging that customers rave about you without being prompted. But in an era of online marketplaces and seamless mobile shopping experiences, how do you make it happen? Pulling specific visuals, data and examples from his success with conversational commerce and creating interactive social media experiences at PLAE, and previously as Founder & CEO of Social Analytics company NetBase, Jonathan will provide advice around how to build a positive conversations and experiences with your brand online.
9:40am – 9:55amRefreshment Break: Sponsored by Merkle Inc.Grand Foyer & Normandie Lounge
9:55am – 10:30amWalgreens: How Walgreens Maintains Happy and Healthy Customer Relationships
As customers jump from device to device and online to in-store, marketing messages need to adapt along with them. Retail giant Walgreens needed a way to speak to each of its 10 million daily customers on a one-to-one level in order to maintain and build meaningful, lifelong customer relationships. Learn how Walgreens is focused on using big data and ad technology to tie online and in-store transactions to target the right message directly to each customer—for a fully integrated customer experience each time. And measure the results across all buying channels.
10:30am – 11:05amCostco Wholesale: Reduce Risk and Seize Opportunity with a Customer Engagement Pilot
Engaging today’s dynamic and empowered customers is no easy task. Brands need new and different ways to engage customers in order to win their loyalty. Pilots are a great way to prove out engagement strategies, but without proper planning, they can muddy the water on the best way forward to improve KPIs. Faced with the challenge of increasing an already impressive 90% member renewal rate in the US, Costco’s Robin Ross launched a comprehensive New Member Engagement pilot to test the impact of various engagement approaches on Costco’s annual membership renewal rates. In this session, Robin shares his challenges, his test and learn philosophy and his vision for member engagement at Costco. Robin is joined by VeraCentra’s Connie Hill, whose team was instrumental in the design and successful launch of the New Member Engagement pilot. Learn first- hand from Robin’s experience as he and Connie share with you the New Member Engagement test plan process, tactics and early results (some may surprise you!).
11:05am – 11:40amSephora: Why beauty is SO personal
Few retail segments are as personal as beauty, and every customer interaction with a brand is informed and influenced by their own unique story that varies across individuals- age, culture, skin tone, ethnicity, geography, and life experiences. Unlocking these deeply personal journeys and understanding the specific needs of each individual can lead to amazing client interactions. Learn how Sephora is building a uniquely personal and loyal customer relationship by understanding the customer like never before.
11:50am – 12:00pmPrize Giveaway
12:30pm – 2:00pmAdvisory Board LuncheonBoulevard A – Third floor


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